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A look at Apex Protect GPS.

A Management Team with Over 100 Years Combined Experience

Apex Protect GPS is a state of the art vehicle GPS technology company. We were born out of the need of a large, multi-location, multi-franchise dealer group’s need for a system that provided consistent inventory management and unprecedented value to their retail customers. Apex Protect GPS delivers a win-win for automotive dealers across the United States. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience in the retail automotive business; we understand car dealers and their specific needs.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction!  We are committed to saying what we do and doing what we say, thus building relationships with dealers and consumers alike, based on trust.

With this focus, we have developed proven, seamless and profitable models that provide the protection and ease of location that dealers require and affordable, enhanced benefits packaged that customer’s desire.

Our Team

David Pollock - CEO

The CEO of Apex Protect GPS is a proven leader. Since 1990s, David has been training and establishing proven best practices to elevate F&I performance. A 22+ year automotive industry veteran and auto executive, his career ranges in working in retail automotive sales, F&I Management and Sales Management. His experience also includes over 10 years managing a large F&I general agency and establishing and running a successful warranty administration company.

Thomas J. Embree - VP of Sales

TJ became the pioneer of GPS, in the franchised dealer space, by preloading the very first new car franchise store with GPS and giving the dealer the functionality of the device, while the vehicles were still in inventory. This type of forward thinking has made him one of the masterminds behind the development of Apex Protect’s proven franchise model. His dealer-centric focus has created a uniquely viable model that quickly changed the sales model for virtually every GPS company in the industry. It is his sales model that other companies are still attempting to duplicate today. This model works so well that the first dealer that he preloaded almost a decade ago, continues to purchase products and service from him today.

Lee Burns - VP of Business Development

Lee is the driving force behind Apex Protect’s proven franchise model. He has produced processes that are virtually unrivaled in the industry. His programs have created a coordinated, seamless flow through the dealerships, which have helped dealers automate their inventory management, optimize dealer staff production and efficiency, provide added value and increased profitability. There is simply no other person in the industry better than Lee at implementing GPS preloads for new car franchise dealers, nor anyone who has overseen more successful franchised dealer preloads and ongoing programs.

Dealer Benefits

APEX is an expert in Dealer Inventory Management, with nearly a decade of experience in preloading, training and maintaining GPS dealer inventory management programs.



After perfecting the GPS technology in automotive with the best performing program in the space, we are now bringing that expertise to motorsports.


Build incremental income that gets very “sticky” with your dealers, giving them tons of features and benefits with very low ongoing maintenance.

Trusted By The Best

GPS Locating and Monitoring in ANY Vehicle

"This flat out changed our bottom line and saved us thousands each month."

“It’s been a great business move for us. It provides a great profit center and also gives me peace of mind on our lot as well as peace of mind knowing it’s something that customers genuinely want.”
Brent Christiansen

GM, Tomball Auto Group

“It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen where we have real, legit, really good security for ourselves, and instead of paying for the security, I’m making money on it. That’s as good as it gets. Really what Apex Protect has, is and does, it’s the most dealer friendly system that I’ve seen out there.”
Ben Keating

President, Keating Auto Group

If you are a DEALER or AGENT and would like a free demo, click here: https://www.cardealerinventorymgmt.com/ 

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